Go Glam or Go Home™

PDX Wheelhouse is now a Superhost

So exciting! Today, PDX Wheelhouse earned Superhost status at Airbnb! “Superhosts are experienced hosts who provide a shining example for other hosts, and extraordinary experiences for their guests.”

Favored by Our Guest

Guest Judy Goodman favored, or should I say, flavored, PDX Wheelhouse with her new power bars, bgoodbars.com  

Flowers in May

Flowers for Jim and Julie from the garden of PDX Wheelhouse. Where do you WANT to stay? 🙂

First guests

PDX Wheelhouse had just greeted its first guests, a very elegant young couple. They are wowed by the place.

PDX Wheelhouse showcased in The Oregonian

The stunning photos of PDX Wheelhouse by Nina Lee Johnson are featured in The Oregonian’s coverage of the Old House Revival Tour 2016. PDX Wheelhouse Showcased in The Oregonian

PDX Wheelhouse on Old House Revival Tour 2016

PDX Wheelhouse will be on the 2016 Old House Revival Tour, sponsored by the Architectural Heritage Center! Come see the glory of Art Deco for yourself, April 9, 2016. AHC Old House Revival Tour 2016    

Avast, keep a sharp eye for the whale

When you see the whale on Woolsey with the legend 7551, you know you’ve almost arrived at PDX Wheelhouse. Bring your luggage around the left side of the owner’s new Greco Deco dining room. (You’ll see the ROOMS sign and a violet arrow.)

Ahoy, guests

The distinctive portico of our guesthouse tells you that you’ve arrived at PDX Wheelhouse. Visually, the entryway refers to the pilot-house theme of Portland’s old Victorian sea port, and the exuberance of the Roaring Twenties. Through the porthole, you can catch a glimpse of our mythical founder, Captain Ezekiel Merriwether, Jr, Esq, hanging on the foyer […]

Plants and animals in your quarters

Art Nouveau was a reaction to the stiff and fussy textures of Victorian design. It was inspired in part by the fractal geometry and swirling fins, bulbs, branches, and tentacles in the revolutionary zoological drawings of Ernst Haeckel. These Motawi tiles, though, can also add to the Art Deco sensibility of the Wheelhouse kitchen. They’re placed against […]

Irreverent touches

We admit to being awed by the grandeur of the past, but not so much that we’re blind to its weird ways and absurdities. Be on the lookout for fun touches.

The foyer introduces an eclectic style

The foyer not only announces a pilot-house theme, but it also introduces the blend of Victorian, Nouveau, and Deco styles that characterize the rest of your stay. A crystal fixture in a gilded, damask ceiling suggests those cultures’ refined alternative to the rustic, industrial world of Portland’s working sea port. The river frieze is by Bradbury, whereas […]

Welcome aboard

The foyer greets you with the masculine trappings of a Victorian pilothouse, including our artificial ancestor, Captain Ezekiel Merriwether, Jr, Esq, who founded the first Wheelhouse in 1877 as a Sailor’s Snug Harbor for the retirement of maritime bachelors. 🙂

Coffee, quick and simple

Ummm, coffee tastes better when you make it yourself, especially when it’s this quick and easy. This orange backsplash provides a cheerful foil to the forest-green feeling of the walls and vaulted ceiling, and for jewelry, the kitchen wears Motawi tiles in the Nouveau tradition.  

All is vanity

Some of the rooms in PDX Wheelhouse demonstrate how monochromatic color schemes serve as the strongest showcase for a given hue, and the bathroom is one such example. We paired a lighter and less saturated purple with the electric violet walls, and added grey, black, and chrome. The countertop is Blue Pearl granite, with flecks of […]

Greco Deco shower drain

Art Deco was profoundly inspired by classical Greek designs, and we were able to capture this in the shower for PDX Wheelhouse.

Deco vanity in violet and chrome

Yes, we’ve seen the signs that urge us to KEEP PORTLAND PURPLE. Our contribution involves the purest shade of violet we could find, and enough chrome to make it sparkle. The idealized geometry of these sconces stays true to the Deco impulse, as do the crystal swans.

Sunburst medallion in the kitchen

This is the mirror that looks down upon the galley kitchen. It’s an example of the kind of streamlined interpretation of classical Greek designs that characterized the best products of French Art Deco.

Paris in the Twenties

PDX Wheelhouse provides a small galley kitchen 12 feet across, with a convection microwave, one-burner portable induction cooktop, and an electric crock pot, as well as a miniature energy-efficient fridge. We exploited its vaulted ceiling to add the atmosphere of a French bar in the Roaring Twenties.

Great style is timeless

This charging bison from the caves at Altamira, Spain, is a masterpiece of abstraction and dynamism, and a reminder of feminine power. It’s a mysterious relic from shamanic traditions forgotten millennia ago, but it fits the modern space perfectly.

Deco iconography

The Art Deco era was as inspired by faith as much any other period, and we’ve capitalized upon that heritage to extend a special welcome to our Catholic visitors. The Jesus icon dates from the original Deco experiments with the high-tech glamor of cobalt glass. The Mary icon is an inexpensive Italian relic from a Deco revival […]

A feeling for the Old West

The Cowboy Room recalls the tawny colors of horses, tobacco, leather, and rope, and cools it down with blue window shades. Together, these fend off the bright light from a bank of south-facing windows and offer a cozy atmosphere, summer or winter — thanks especially to the extraordinary tight envelope of our new energy-efficient architecture.

The Cowboy Room provides a futon for seating or sleeping

If our boudoir is the lady’s domain, gentlemen can find a congenial cave in a tiny den called the Cowboy Room. It provides a futon sofa which can be expanded into a second bed, for two children, or possibly even a second couple. The walls are decorated to resemble tooled leather.

Blue and gold bedroom

Claire’s Willow is one of the most graceful patterns from the historic collections of Bradbury & Bradbury, custom printed for the Wheelhouse in a novel periwinkle and silver colorway. The bedroom’s theme of flight was suggested by the flock of doves in an early Art Deco-era animation, Snow White.

A private retreat in the city

The bedroom at PDX Wheelhouse is located behind my home, in a fenced back yard. Honeycomb blinds on both windows provide privacy, light control, and insulation. As the western-most room, it is the last to receive the day’s sun, perfect for a sleepy morning. The Deco cabinets and rhinestone-tufted bench build upon the Parisian atmosphere.

If you forgot your wings . . .

. . . or just haven’t earned them, then borrow ours. This is the PDX Wheelhouse bedroom, in periwinkle, silver, and gold.

Celestial bedroom, PDX Wheelhouse

The bedroom of PDX Wheelhouse has a celestial theme: clouds, wings, and flight. The wainscoting is Claire’s Willow, printed in a custom periwinkle and silver colorway by Bradbury. The ceiling, which provides two skylights, is gilded. The bed is fashioned after an antique Parisian gate. The painting is by Nicolas Roerich, “Battle in the Heavens” [1912].

Violet bathroom with swan theme

This Walter Crane poster adorns the violet bathroom. The design is repeated using tiles imported from England, which are inset into the shower niche.